SECTION 7.02  Planning Commission - Powers and Duties.
   The Planning Commission shall conduct studies, surveys and prepare plans, reports and maps relative to the overall planning of the growth, development, redevelopment, rehabilitation, and renewal of the Municipality, and may make such recommendations relative thereto to the Council as it feels are in the best interest of the Municipality.  The Planning Commission shall continuously review and report to the Council its recommendations concerning the Municipality's capital improvement programs, subdivision, platting and zoning ordinances and regulations.  The Planning Commission shall cooperate with other governmental or private planning agencies to secure the maximum benefit to the Municipality of the work, studies, surveys and reports of such other planning agencies.  Other powers and duties of the Planning Commission shall include those established by this Charter and by the Council by ordinance, but until such ordinances shall be passed, it shall possess such other powers and duties as are provided by the general laws of Ohio, to the extent that such general laws do not conflict with the provisions of this Charter.