SECTION 7.01  Planning Commission - Membership.
   There is hereby created and established a Planning Commission which shall consist of five (5) members as hereinafter provided.  The Mayor shall serve as a member of the Planning Commission; one (1) other member of the Cuncil, to be elected by a majority vote of the members of Council for the remainder of his term as a member of the Council, shall be a member of the Planning Commission; and the Commission shall include two (2) citizens of the Municipality and one (1) nonresident of the Municipality with an interest in this community, to be appointed by a majority vote of the members of the Council for terms for six (6) years each, except that the term of one (1) of the citizen members of the first commission appointed under this Charter shall be for six (6) years, one (1) for four (4) years and the nonresident member for two (2) years.  Thereafter, each citizen member and the nonresident member shall appointeed for a term of six (6) years, and shall continue in office until his successor is appointed,  If a suitable and qualified nonresident commission member cannot be found, the Council may appoint a citizen of the Municipality in lieu of a nonresident.