SECTION 6.07  Department of Public Safety.
   The Administrator shall serve as the head of the Department of Public Safety, unless the Council shall, by a majority vote of its members, create the position of Safety Director.  If such position is created the Safety Director shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Administrator.  The Safety Director may hold any other administrative office or position of employment with the Municipality, except he shall not act as the Law Director.  If a separate position of Safety Director is created by the Council, such separate position may be abolished by a majority vote of the members of the Council, in which event the Administrator shall become the Safety Driector until such time as the Council shall again create such a separate position in the manner hereinbefore provided.  The Safety Director, or the Administrator, if the separate position of Safety Director has not been created, shall direct and supervise the work, adminstration services provided by all divisions, offices, bureaus, or agencies with the Department of Public Safety.
   The following divisions are established under the Department of Safety:
   a.   Division of Police.
   b.   Division of Fire.
   c.   Division of Emergency.
   d.   Division of Licensing and Inspection.
   e.   Division of Welfare.