(A)   Any person desiring a permit to operate a tattooing, body piercing, body branding or body carving establishment shall file a written application within the Village Clerk's office on a form to be furnished by the Village Clerk's office.
   (B)   The applicant shall accompany the application with a tender of the correct permit fee, as provided in § 113.10, and shall in addition furnish the following personal information concerning the manager or other person principally in charge of the operation of the business:
      (1)   Name, complete residence address and residence telephone number.
      (2)   The two previous addresses immediately prior to the present address.
      (3)   Written proof of age consisting of a birth certificate.
      (4)   Height, weight and color of hair.
      (5)   Authorization for the village, its agents and employees to seek information and conduct an investigation into the truth of the statements set forth in the application regarding the qualifications of the applicant for the requested permit.
      (6)   The names and addresses of three adult residents within the county who will serve as character references. These references must be persons other than relatives and business associates.
      (7)   Written declaration by the applicant, under penalty of perjury, that the information contained in the application is true and correct, with such declaration being duly dated and signed in the village.
(Ord. 813, passed 1-7-02)  Penalty, see § 113.99