Litter Control
523.01   Short title.
523.02   Purpose.
523.03   Definitions.
523.04   Litter in public places.
523.05   Placement in receptacles to prevent scattering.
523.06   Sweeping into gutters prohibited.
523.07   Merchant's duty to keep sidewalks clean.
523.08   Litter thrown from vehicles.
523.09   Truck loads causing litter.
523.10   Litter in parks.
523.11   Throwing or distributing commercial handbills in public places.
523.12   Placing commercial and noncommercial handbills on vehicles.
523.13   Depositing commercial and noncommercial handbills on uninhabited or vacant premises.
523.14   Prohibiting distribution of handbills where properly posted.
523.15   Distributing commercial and noncommercial handbills at inhabited private premises.
523.16   Posting notices prohibited.
523.17   Litter on occupied private property.
523.18   Owner to maintain premises.
523.19   Litter on vacant lots.
523.20   Clearing of litter from private property by the Village.
523.21   Separability.
523.99   Penalty.
      Pull-top soft drink or beer cans prohibited - see Ohio R.C. 1502.06
      Parks and recreational facilities - see Ohio R.C. 1531.29
      Recreational trails - see Ohio R.C. 1541.10
      Notice to fill lots, remove putrid substances - see GEN. OFF. 521.05
      Weeds - see GEN. OFF. 521.11
      Junk deposit, storage, maintenance or collection - see  GEN. OFF. 521.12