(a)   No person shall place or knowingly drop upon any part of a sidewalk, playground or other public place any tacks, bottles, wire, glass, nails or other articles which may damage property of another or injure any person or animal traveling along or upon such sidewalk or playground.
   (b)   No person shall walk on, or allow any animal upon, or injure or deface in any way, any soft or newly laid sidewalk pavement. (Ord. 98-112. Passed 8-28-98.)
   (c)   No person shall place, deposit or maintain any merchandise, goods, material or equipment upon any public right of way except for such reasonable time as may be actually necessary for the delivery or pickup of such articles. In no case shall the obstruction remain on such sidewalk for more than one hour. Provided however, any person may complete an "Application for Permit for Right of Way Use" to be filed with the Village Administrator and approved by Council. Said application shall be accompanied by a filing fee of twenty dollars ($20.00). Council may approve said application by granting a Permit and attach to such approval any such conditions and require such guarantee or bond as it may deem necessary to assure compliance with the Permit. The form of said Application and Permit shall be approved by Council. For business establishments in the Downtown Business District, sidewalk displays and/or sale items shall be located adjacent to the face of the building, shall not extend into the sidewalk more than 30", and shall not be located less than 48" from any permanently mounted items (signs, planter areas, traffic signal/streetlight poles, etc.) in the sidewalk. Additionally, no displays and/or sale items may be located within 10 feet of any curb ramps. Permits for sidewalk displays and/or sale items shall be obtained annually and are valid for the calendar year in which they were obtained. The Council shall only grant said Permit if the proposal will respect and preserve the desirable character of the Village so as to enhance the community and promote the health, safety and welfare of its residents. (Ord. 2017-107. Passed 8-28-17.)
   (d)   No person shall unload upon, or transport any heavy merchandise, goods, material or equipment over or across any sidewalk or curb without first placing some sufficient protection over the pavement to protect against damage or injury. The affected area shall be rendered safe and free from danger.
   (e)   No person shall allow any cellar or trap door, coal chute or elevator or lift opening in any sidewalk to remain open without providing suitable safeguards to protect and warn pedestrian traffic of the dangerous condition.
   (f)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(Ord. 98-112. Passed 9-28-98.)