A.   Administrative Officer: The county building official shall administer and implement this chapter by granting or denying development permit applications in accordance with these provisions. (1988 Code § 7.36.100)
   B.   Duties And Responsibilities: Duties of the county building official shall include, but not be limited to:
      1.   Permit Review:
         a.   Review all development permits to determine that the permit requirements of this chapter have been satisfied and to determine whether proposed building sites will be reasonably safe from flooding.
         b.   Review all development permits to determine that all necessary permits have been obtained from those federal, state or local governmental agencies from which prior approval is required.
         c.   Review all development permits to determine if the proposed development adversely affects the flood carrying capacity of the flood prone area. For the purposes of this chapter, "adversely affects" means damage to the adjacent properties because of increases in flood stages attributed to physical changes of the channel and the adjacent overbank areas.
      2.   Decisions:
         a.   If it is determined that there is no adverse effect and the development is not a building, then the permit shall be granted without further consideration.
         b.   If it is determined that there is an adverse effect, then technical jurisdiction (i.e., a registered professional engineer) for the proposed development shall be required.
         c.   If the proposed development is a building, then the provisions of this chapter shall apply. (1988 Code § 7.36.110)