Upon its adoption by the BOCC, and upon its effective date, the ordinance codified herein shall repeal the zoning regulations, county code of Millard County, Utah, existing prior to the effective date hereof. This title shall govern and apply to the use of all unincorporated lands located within the boundaries of Millard County, Utah. The provisions of this title shall be construed to carry out the purposes of this title and the purposes of the state of Utah enabling laws, including the act, and to avoid conflict with the laws of the United States Of America, the state of Utah, or any other limitations imposed by law. If a court of competent jurisdiction declares any chapter, section, subsection, provision, sentence, clause or word of this title unconstitutional, such determination shall not impair the validity of the remainder of this title, which shall remain in effect. (Ord. 12-12-04, 12-4-2012)