The following words and phrases used in this title shall have the following meaning unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:
ACCESS: The right of entry by means of an approved location and physical road entryway.
ANNUAL BLANKET BOND AND PERMIT: An encroachment permit and bond issued for a period of one calendar year to applicant, who, of necessity, may make numerous encroachments. This permit is designed to alleviate the necessity of securing a performance and completion bond for each encroachment.
APPLICANT: Every person, partnership, corporation, firm association or legal entity making application for a permit for access or encroachment.
CLASS B ROADS: The same as "county roads", defined in this section.
CONSTRUCTION: The construction, reconstruction, replacement and improvement of the public highways, including the acquisition of rights of way and material sites.
COUNTY ROADS: Means and includes all public roads and streets within the county, not designated as state highways, that are situated outside of incorporated cities and towns which are designated as such on the general highway map of Millard County, Utah. Said map as prepared by the Utah department of transportation, is filed in the Millard County clerk's office, and is amended from time to time. "County roads" also means the roads and streets situated within incorporated cities and town within the county that have been designated as county roads.
ENCROACHMENT: The disturbance of any roadway, whether by excavation, boring, obstruction, vibroseising, flooding, sprinkling, dumping on, or extraordinary short term use.
ENGINEER: The Millard County engineer or a duly appointed representative of the Millard County engineer.
EXISTING MILLARD COUNTY ROADWAY: Any roadway listed on the Millard County road department official road map.
HIGHWAY AUTHORITIES: The state road commission or the legislative and governing body of a county, city or town.
HIGHWAY DIVISION: The highway division of the county public works department.
MAINTENANCE: The performance of all things necessary to keep a public highway in serviceable condition.
OFFICIAL MAP: The official map or official maps of the county as adopted by the commissioners, in accordance with law, showing the highways, freeways, parks, parkways and sites for public buildings or works, including subsurface facilities, in acquisition, financing or construction of which the county has participated or may be called upon to participate.
PUBLIC HIGHWAY OR HIGHWAY: Any road, street, lane, court, place, viaduct, tunnel, culvert, bridge, alley, or other public way situated within the county laid out or erected as such by the public, or dedicated, abandoned or open to the public, or made such in any action for the partition of real property, or such other public property so designated by any ordinance or statute, and includes the entire area within the right of way.
RIGHT OF WAY: Land, property or an interest therein, usually in a strip, acquired for or devoted to use as a public highway.
SECTION: A section of this title unless some other section is specifically mentioned.
SUPERVISOR: The Millard County road department supervisor or any representative duly appointed by him. (1988 Code §§ 9.01.010 – 9.01.170)