The rules, regulations and procedures for the Sidewalk Repair Reimbursement Program are as follows:
   (a)   The City Manager shall direct the City Engineer or his designee to establish a schedule for periodic inspection of all sidewalks within City limits in order to determine which sections are in need of repair and eligible for reimbursement by the City.  (Ord. 08-665.  Passed 4-1-08.)
   (b)   Only sidewalks with an offset between blocks of one-half inch or greater, cracks of one-half inch or greater, or severely spaulded surfaces, shall be cited for repair.
   (c)   Each property owner eligible for repair reimbursement shall receive a letter from the City Manager explaining their duty to repair the sidewalk as established by Codified Ordinance 911.14 .  They shall also receive information regarding the reimbursement option.
   (d)   The property owner shall be responsible for hiring a contractor and obtaining all necessary permits.  Permit fees for the eligible property owners shall be waived for those participating in the program. (Ord. 2000-15.  Passed 3-21-00.)
   (e)   Prior to reimbursement, the City Engineer shall provide for an inspection to verify that the repairs comply with the applicable City ordinances and building codes.  In order to be eligible for reimbursement, the property owner must return the request for reimbursement form to the City Manager within thirty days of the final inspection by the City Engineer.
   (f)   Prior to reimbursement, the property owner must indicate in writing to the City Manager whether the repairs were made by a private contractor or by the property owner.  If the repairs were made by a contractor, the property owner must submit proof satisfactory to the City Manager that the contractor has been paid in full.
   (g)   Upon the City Manager receiving the documentation set forth in (e) and (f) above, the City shall reimburse the property owner for fifty percent  (50%) of the repair costs, with a maximum reimbursement of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) for all sidewalk repairs per property.
   (h)   All repairs or replacement eligible for reimbursement must be completed on or before October 31st of the current year.
   (i)   The City Manager may establish rules of procedure necessary for the enforcement of Section 911.14 and 911.17.  (Ord. 08-665.  Passed 4-1-08.)