Except as provided in Section 12.03, ordinances shall, within fourteen (14) days after passage, be published at least one time in summary form in a newspaper of general circulation within the Municipality of daily, weekly, or biweekly frequency, and whether paid or unpaid.  Such summary shall consist of a brief statement of the purpose, substance, and effective date of the ordinance.
   Council may by ordinance provide, in lieu of the aforesaid publication in summary form in a newspaper, that all such ordinances may be published by posting the complete text of the ordinance in each of the four public places in the Municipality, such places to be designated by Council, for a period of at least seven days.
   In addition, all ordinances shall be posted on one prominent protected bulletin board in the Municipality for a period of at least seven days.
   When ordinances are revised, codified, rearranged, or published in book form, and are made available to the general public and certified as correct by the Clerk of Council and the Mayor, such publication shall be a sufficient publication and the ordinances so published under appropriate titles, chapters, and sections shall be held the same in law as though they had been published in a newspaper.  A new ordinance so published in book form which has not been published as required by this section and which contains entirely new matter, shall be published as required by this section.
   Immediately after publication the Clerk of Council shall enter on the ordinance a certificate giving the manner and date of publication and shall sign his name thereto officially.