Every person responsible for any animal located within the town shall ensure that the animal:
   (A)   Is kept in a clean, sanitary and healthy manner and is not confined so as to be forced to stand, sit or lie in excrement;
   (B)   Has sufficient wholesome food and water which is proper and nutritional for that species of animal;
   (C)   Has a proper and adequate structure; provided that, is kept in a sanitary manner and that will protect the animal from all elements of the weather and will allow the animal to stand, sit and lie down without restriction;
   (D)   Receives proper veterinary care as necessary to treat illness, disease and/or injury, to prevent the transmission of disease to other animals or human beings and to promote good animal health;
   (E)   Is not beaten, cruelly treated, overloaded, overworked or otherwise abused;
   (F)   Is not abandoned, neglected or tortured;
   (G)   Does not become a public nuisance under I.C. 15-5-9-14 or otherwise;
   (H)   Does not, unprovoked, bite, kick, butt, claw, assault, attack or otherwise create a danger to the health and/or safety of other animals or human beings;
   (I)   Is properly vaccinated and/or licensed as required by law;
   (J)   Is prevented from running at large on property other than private property owned or lawfully occupied by its owner by means of a leash, chain or other appropriate physical restraint;
   (K)   Is not left unattended in a vehicle when the conditions in that vehicle would constitute a health hazard to the animal;
   (L)   Is not transported in the open bed of a vehicle unless confined in an appropriate manner so as to reasonably prevent the animal from jumping or being thrown from same; and
   (M)   Does not defecate on the property of another unless the person responsible for the animal immediately thereafter removes or has removed from the property as much of the feces as is reasonably possible.
(Ord. 7-11-05-1, passed 8-8-2005)  Penalty, see § 92.99