(a)   Upon failure of the owner or person in control of the property in violation to comply with the notice within the period of time stipulated, the Chief Building Official shall give notice to the Administrative Services Director, or their designee, that the building or structure is open and unsecure. The Administrative Services Director, or their designee, may proceed with any requirements of § 1458.08 to secure the property. In the event a City employee may be utilized to complete any abatement work, upon the completion of such labor, the department performing the work shall determine all costs associated thereof, including registration fees, with labor charges incurred at one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) per hour, provided however there shall be a minimum fee of not less than one hundred dollars ($100.00). In the event the City is required to employ outside services for the abatement work, the fee shall be the actual costs of the contract plus 15% for administration charges.
   (b)   The total labor costs and registration fee shall be forwarded by the Administrative Services Department to the Finance Director of the City who shall make a return in writing to the County Auditor of such total charge which shall be entered upon the tax duplicate of the county and be allocated onto the taxes in accordance with R.C. § 731.54.
(Ord. O2019-18, passed 4-2-2019)