(a)   Green infrastructure techniques.
      (1)   The City encourages the use of green infrastructure techniques because of their connection to sustainable development practices and environmental quality. The proper use of green infrastructure can dramatically improve storm water runoff quality, decrease runoff volume, protect downstream streams and rivers, and create more interesting places to live.
      (2)   The following green infrastructure techniques may be incorporated into new subdivisions with approval from the City Engineer:
         A.   Grassy swales and shoulders without curb and gutter;
         B.   Pedestrian walkways that do not constitute the sidewalks required by § 1218.07.
         C.   Permeable pavements (e.g., pavers, permeable concrete, permeable asphalt pavement);
         D.   Bioretention swales;
         E.   Planter boxes;
         F.   Curb extensions; or
         G.   Other techniques if the applicant submits documentation that the proposed green infrastructure technique will equal or exceed the function of traditional infrastructure techniques.
   (b)   Criteria for green infrastructure waivers.  The City Engineer may grant a green infrastructure waiver for use of the green infrastructure techniques provided:
      (1)   The techniques will utilize the landscape or nature's ability to reduce, slow, filter, and/or absorb storm water runoff from streets, parking lots, and buildings in a method that equals or exceeds the existing infrastructure requirements of the City;
      (2)   The techniques are consistent with best management practices; and
      (3)   The technique has been designed by a professional engineer and is accompanied by documentation stating that the proposed technique does not pose a threat to the public safety.
(Ord. O2018-02, passed 2-20-2018)