§ 1222.01  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this chapter is to protect and provide for the public health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the City and its people, and specifically to achieve the following purposes:
   (a)   To implement the Master Plan and further the purpose of this code when considering the subdivision of land;
   (b)   To establish standard requirements and conditions for the design and review of subdivisions;
   (c)   To provide for the orderly subdivision of land, and to ensure proper legal descriptions and monumentation of subdivided land;
   (d)   To ensure that adequate public infrastructure, facilities, and services are available concurrent with development;
   (e)   To require applicants to furnish land, install infrastructure, pay fees, and establish mitigative measures to ensure that development provides its fair share of capital facilities;
   (f)   To encourage a beneficial relationship between the uses of land and circulation of traffic throughout the City, and to provide for the proper location and design of streets;
   (g)   To prevent problems associated with inappropriately subdivided lands, including excess subdivision, partial or incomplete subdivision, or scattered subdivision; and
   (h)   To assure that new subdivisions will contribute toward an attractive, orderly, stable, livable, and safe community.
(Ord. O2018-02, passed 2-20-2018)