§ 1212.01  PURPOSE.
   City Council hereby declares as a matter of public policy that the protection, enhancement, and perpetuation of landmarks and historic districts is necessary to promote the economic, cultural, educational and general welfare of the public.  Inasmuch as the identity of a people is founded on its past, and inasmuch as the City of Middletown has many significant historic, architectural, and cultural resources which reflects its heritage, this act is intended to:
   (a)   Protect and enhance the historic landmarks and historic districts which represent distinctive elements of Middletown's historic, architectural, and cultural heritage;
   (b)   Foster civic pride in the accomplishments of the community in the past;
   (c)   Stabilize and improve property values of designated landmarks, neighborhoods, and districts;
   (d)   Protect and enhance Middletown's attractiveness to visitors, tourism, and the support and stimulus to the economy thereby provided;
   (e)   Insure the harmonious, orderly, and efficient growth and development of Middletown affording the widest possible scope of continuing vitality through private renewal and architectural creativity, within appropriate controls and standards. It is intended to foster a climate in which the City's historic areas may continue to exist as living, changing commercial and residential areas, not static museums;
   (f)   Encouraging development of vacant and incompatibly developed properties in accordance with the character of the area;
   (g)   Providing preservation information and advice to property owners and the general public;
   (h)   Maintaining and enhancing the distinctive character of historic buildings and areas;
   (i)   Safeguarding the heritage of the City by preserving districts which reflect elements of its history, architecture, archaeology, engineering or culture; and
   (j)   Provide a review process for the continued preservation and protection of Middletown's historic resources.
(Ord. O2018-02, passed 2-20-2018; Am. Ord. O2019-104, passed 1-7-2020)