After the public hearing, the City Council may approve the urban renewal plan by a majority vote, unless such plan has been disapproved by the Planning Commission, in which case it shall be approved only by a two-thirds vote of the members of the City Council. In the event that the urban renewal plan is approved, the City Council must include in its approval the following findings:
   (a)   That the area described in the urban renewal plan is a deteriorated or blighted area;
   (b)   That there is a feasible method for the temporary relocation of the families displaced from the project area and that there are or are being provided in the project area or in other areas not less desirable in regard to public utilities and public and commercial facilities, at rents and prices within the financial means of the families displaced from the project area, decent, safe and sanitary dwellings equal in number to the number of and available to such displaced families, and reasonably accessible to their places of employment;
   (c)   If financial aid to be provided by the Federal government is necessary to enable the project to be undertaken in accordance with the urban renewal plan;
   (d)   That the urban renewal plan for the project area will afford maximum opportunity consistent with the sound needs of the locality as a whole for the redevelopment or rehabilitation of the project area by private enterprise; and
   (e)   That the urban renewal plan conforms to the master plan as it then exists for the overall development of the City.
(Ord. 3258, passed 12-19-1956)