Whenever the Commissioner of Health finds that a dwelling is unfit for human habitation, or dangerous to life or health by reason of want of repair, of defects in the drainage, plumbing, lighting, ventilation or the construction of the same, or by reason of the existence on the premises of any condition likely to cause sickness or injury among the occupants of such dwelling, or for any other causes affecting the public health, the Commissioner may issue an order requiring such dwelling to be vacated. A copy of such order shall be posted on the front of the dwelling at least ten days before it shall be effective, unless the situation is of a character requiring immediate action, in which case the effective time of the order shall be such as in the judgment of the Commissioner is reasonable and proper. A copy of such order shall be sent to the owner of the property, or his or her agent, if names and addresses on diligent search, can be ascertained. The dwelling so ordered to be vacated shall not again be occupied until a written statement has been secured from the Commissioner, showing that the dwelling or its occupation has been made to comply with this or any other existing law.
(Adopted 5-2-1944)