(a)   No person shall install any pump, piping, device, apparatus or other system for discharging sump pump effluent into a public right of way until he or she has first obtained a permit from the Commissioner of Inspection.
   (b)   The Commissioner of Inspection shall issue a permit if the requested plan substantially conforms with one of the following modes of construction: direct connection to a public storm sewer; direct discharge into a natural drainage ditch; connection to a yard inlet; extension of a publicly maintained sump pump outlet collector line from the nearest terminal of a public storm sewer system; connection to a catch basin; discharge into a drainage swale; or direct connection to a public storm drainage culvert.
   (c)   The discharge of sump pump effluent onto a public street surface or gutter is specifically prohibited.
(Ord. O78-137, passed 7-18-1978)