(a)   Before any permit is issued to make any connection under a street, the master underground utilities contractor or master plumber shall first secure a street cut permit from the Engineering Division and pay such reasonable fee as is required for paving restoration.  Such permit shall also be conditioned upon compliance with any rules or regulations and applicable City ordinances.
   (b)   The Department of Public Works shall have jurisdiction over that part of a sewer service in the street, and the connection to the main sewer.  The work shall be done in accordance with the construction standards and specifications as established by the City Engineer.
(Ord. 4176, passed 5-24-1965; Am. Ord. O92-53, passed 6-2-1992; Am. Ord. O2007-64, passed 9-4-2007; Am. Ord. O2010-89, passed 12-21-2010)