(a)   The Chief Building Official may review the registration of any underground utilities contractor or underground utilities installer under this chapter to determine whether it should be revoked, be suspended or not be renewed; or that a registration requested under this chapter not be issued to an applicant, if the registrant, or applicant has done any of the following:
      (1)   Been convicted of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or a felony;
      (2)   Violated any of the provisions of this chapter or any rules adopted pursuant to it;
      (3)   Obtained the registration by means of fraud or misrepresentation; or
      (4)   Been guilty of gross misconduct in pursuit of their profession.
   (b)   Upon becoming aware of circumstances or facts, which suggest that the registrant, or applicant has done any of the acts listed in divisions (a)(1) through (a)(4) of this section, the Chief Building Official shall investigate such facts or circumstances.  If, after such investigation, the Chief Building Official finds that there is probable cause to believe an act listed in divisions (a)(1) through (a)(4) of this section has been committed by a registrant, or applicant, the Chief Building Official shall request that the Board of Appeals review the registration or application for registration to determine if the same should be revoked, suspended or not renewed, or whether the application for registration should be denied.  Notice of such request for review shall be sent by ordinary mail delivery to the registrant or applicant at the last address supplied by them.  The notice shall include that a review has been requested and a general statement of the grounds for proposed action.  The Board of Appeals shall conduct a review of the issues relating to the registration or application in accordance with Chapter 1460 of this Title.
   (c)   (1)   If after review, the Board of Appeals determines that grounds exist for action to be taken regarding the registration or application, the Board of Appeals may:
         A.   Revoke the registration; or
         B.   Suspend the registration; or
         C.   Refuse to issue or renew the registration.
      (2)   If the registration is revoked, the Board of Appeals shall determine if the registrant may apply for reinstatement, and if so, when.  The Board of Appeals may require examination for reinstatement of a registration issued by the City for master underground utilities contractors.
   (d)   Nothing in this section is intended to limit the right of the City to seek legal redress for violation of this chapter or any rules promulgated in accordance with it.
(Ord. O2010-89, passed 12-21-2010)