§ 1430.01  DEFINITIONS.
   (a)   UNDERGROUND UTILITIES CONTRACTOR'S WORK.  Means and includes the work of tapping public or main sewers, installing or connecting sanitary sewers, building storm sewers, septic tanks and pertinent leaching systems, and installing water service lines outside a building to the property or curb line.
   (b)   MASTER UNDERGROUND UTILITIES CONTRACTOR. A person registered as a master underground utilities contractor with the City. Only a master underground utility contractor may apply for permits and be the representative of the business entity in all matters relating to Title Eight of Part Fourteen of the Codified Ordinances.
   (c)   UNDERGROUND UTILITIES INSTALLER.  A person registered as an underground utilities installer with the City.  An underground utilities installer must be working under the general direction and supervision of a master underground utility contractor registered to work in the City. Underground utilities installers cannot obtain permits. 
(Ord. O92-53, passed 6-21-1992; Am. Ord. O2007-64, passed 9-4-2007; Am. Ord. O2010-89, passed 12-21-2010)