(a)   No person shall act as a master plumber, plumbing journeyman, or plumbing apprentice in the City without first registering with the City in accordance with this chapter.
   (b)   No more than three plumbing apprentices shall be engaged in any work for each master plumber or plumbing journeyman actually present on the job.
   (c)   Any business entity engaged in plumber’s work must have as a principal or in its employ a person possessing an active State license and registered with the City as a master plumber.  Such person shall apply for all permits and shall be the representative of the business entity in all matters relating to Title Eight of Part Fourteen of the Codified Ordinances.  If such person should terminate or sever their relationship with the business entity, such entity must cease all plumbing work unless and until another principal or employee has obtained a registration as a master plumber from the City.
(Ord. 3232, passed 10-24-1956; Am. Ord. 2001-119, passed 11-6-2001; Am. Ord. O2010-89, passed 12-21-2010)