§ 1424.07  EXEMPTIONS.
   All work covered by this Title shall be inspected by the Chief Building Official except the following:
   (a)   Electric bells, gas lighting apparatus, call bells, burglar alarms, telephones, telegraphs, district messengers, and similar installations; the Chief Building Official may require such changes as he deems necessary in any such system, however, when it becomes crossed or is likely to become crossed with any lighting, heating or power system.
   (b)   Minor repairs such as the repairing of flush and snap switches, replacing of fuses, changing lamp sockets and receptacles, taping joints and repairing drop cords, replacement of lamps or the connection of portable devices to suitable receptacles that have been permanently installed;
   (c)   The installation of wiring, devices or equipment for the operation of signals or communications systems owned by telephone or telegraph companies;
   (d)   The installation of electric wiring, devices or equipment installed by a public utility operating under a franchise, for installation or repair of its own lines; and
   (e)   Any electrical work performed on or relating to equipment wiring as a part of a manufacturing process in a manufacturing plant.
(Ord. 3231, passed 10-24-1956; Am. Ord. O2004-20, passed 3-2-2004)