(a)   Annual approval. In lieu of an individual approval for each alteration to an existing electrical, gas mechanical or plumbing installation, the building official may issue an annual approval upon application therefore to any person, firm or corporation regularly employing individuals holding the appropriate inspector certificate from the Board of Building Standards of the State of Ohio in the building, structure or on the premises owned or operated by the applicant for the approval.
   (b)   Annual approval records. The person to whom an annual approval is issued shall keep a detailed record of alterations made under such annual approval. The building official shall have access to such records at all times or such records shall be filed with the building official as designated. These records shall include the applicable construction documents in accordance with § 106.1 of the Ohio Building Code and § 112 of the Ohio Residential Code.
   (c)   (1)   The fees for each annual approval shall be as follows:
Company employing certified plumbing inspector
Company employing certified electrical inspector
Company employing certified mechanical inspector
      (2)   Such fees shall be paid into the City treasury by the Superintendent after receipt thereof by him or her.
(Ord. 3231, passed 10-24-1956; Am. Ord. O2004-20, passed 3-2-2004)