§ 1408.15  FIRE HAZARDS.
   All fire prevention regulations shall be strictly observed to safeguard against all fire hazards attendant upon construction operation and as follows:
   (a)   Flame cutting and welding. The use of oxyacetylene torches for cutting or welding shall be permitted only in accordance with the applicable standards for air and gas welding in building construction.
   (b)   Housekeeping. Rubbish and trash shall not be allowed to accumulate on the site and shall be removed as fast as conditions warrant. Combustible rubbish shall be removed daily, and shall not be disposed of by burning on the premises or in the immediate vicinity and the entire premises and area adjoining and around the operation shall be kept in a safe and sanitary condition and free of accumulations of trash and rubbish.
(Ord. 3229, passed 10-24-1956)