(a)   Erosion and sediment control.  All developments are subject to and shall comply with § 1050.30 through 1050.34 of the Codified Ordinances regarding erosion and sediment control.
   (b)   Grading of lot.  When a building has been demolished and no building operation has been projected or approved, the vacant lot shall be filled, graded and maintained in conformity to the established street grade at curb level.  The lot shall be maintained free from the accumulation of rubbish and all other unsafe or hazardous conditions which endanger the life or health of the public, and provisions shall be made to prevent the accumulation of water or damage to any foundations on the premises or the adjoining property.
   (c)   Utility connections.  All service utility connections shall be discontinued and capped in accordance with approved rules and requirements of the public utility affected. 
(Ord. O97-75, passed 7-15-1997; Am. Ord. O2009-15, passed 3-3-2009)