§ 1408.08  EXCAVATIONS.
   (a)   Temporary support. Until permanent support has been provided, all excavations shall be safeguarded and protected by the person causing the excavations to be made, to avoid all danger to life or limb. Where necessary, such excavations shall be retained by temporary retaining walls, sheet piling and bracing or other approved method to support the adjoining earth.
   (b)   Examination of adjoining property. Before any excavation or demolition is undertaken, license to enter upon adjoining property for the purpose of physical examination shall be afforded by the owner and tenants of such adjoining property to the person undertaking such excavation or demolition, prior to the commencement and at reasonable periods during the progress of the work.
   (c)   Notice to the Superintendent of Inspection. If the person who causes an excavation to be made or an existing structure to be demolished has reason to believe that an adjoining structure is unsafe, he or she shall forthwith report such fact in writing to the Superintendent of Inspection. The Superintendent shall inspect such premises, and if the structure is found unsafe, he or she shall order it repaired.
   (d)   Duty to adjoining owner.  The person making or causing an excavation to be made shall, before starting the work, give at least one-week’s notice in writing to the owner of each neighboring building or structure the safety of which may be affected.  Having received consent to enter a building, structure or premises, such person shall make the necessary provisions to protect it structurally and to insure it against damage by the elements which may ensue from such excavation.