Whenever a building or structure is erected, altered, repaired, removed or demolished, the operation shall be conducted in a safe manner and suitable protection for the general public and workmen employed thereon shall be provided as follows:
   (a)   Every construction operation located five feet or less from the street lot line shall be enclosed with a fence not less than eight feet high to prevent entry of unauthorized persons. When located more than five feet from the street lot line, a fence or other barrier shall be erected when required by the Superintendent of Inspection. All fences shall be of adequate strength to resist wind pressure.
   (b)   When any building or part thereof which is located within ten feet of the street lot line is to be erected or raised to exceed 40 feet in height, or whenever a building more than 40 feet in height within ten feet of the street lot line is to be demolished, a sidewalk shed shall be maintained for the full length of the building on all street fronts for the entire time that work is performed on the exterior of the building.
   (c)   When the building being demolished or erected is located within 20 feet of the street lot line and is more than 40 feet in height, exterior flare fans or catch platforms shall be erected at vertical intervals of not more than two stories.
   (d)   An adequately lighted walkway at least four feet wide and eight feet high in the clear shall be maintained under all sidewalk sheds for pedestrians.
   (e)   Whenever a building is being demolished, erected or altered, a watchman shall be employed to warn the general public when intermittent hazardous operations are conducted across the sidewalk or walkway.
(Ord. 3229, passed 10-24-1956)