(a)   Temporary construction.  Before any construction is started, plans and specifications shall be filed with the Superintendent of Inspection showing the design and construction of all sidewalk sheds, truck runways, trestles, foot bridges, guards, fences and other similar devices required in the operation, and the approval of the Superintendent of Inspection shall be secured before the commencement of any work.
   (b)   Special permits.  All special licenses and permits for the storage of materials on sidewalks and streets, for the use of water or other public facilities and for the storage and handling of explosives shall be secured from the administrative authorities having jurisdiction.
   (c)   Temporary encroachments.  Subject to the approval of the Superintendent of Inspection, sidewalk sheds, underpinning and other temporary protective guards and devices may project beyond the interior and street lot lines as may be required to insure the safety of the adjoining property and the public.  When necessary, the consent of the adjoining property owner shall be obtained.
   (d)   Single lot grading plan.  A lot grading plan will be required with an application for a building permit.  The plan shall be based on the approved subdivision drainage plan, where such a plan exists.  The grading plan will consist of first floor elevation, existing and proposed final grade elevations at the corners of the proposed structure, existing elevations at the corners of the individual lot and arrows indicating the proposed drainage flow across the lot.  The builder shall construct all structures and site to conform to the approved drainage plan.  Additional information may be required where no subdivision drainage plan exists or where regrading or landscaping of adjacent lots has occurred.
(Ord. O97-75, passed 7-15-1997)