(a)   No householder, or owner or operator of a commercial establishment in or upon premises within the City where garbage or refuse is accumulated or allowed to be, shall fail to procure and keep available, for the exclusive use on such premises or on the part thereof occupied by the householder or commercial establishment, metal, rubber or plastic watertight containers, not to exceed 33 gallons of capacity or 70 pounds in weight, to hold all the garbage or refuse accumulated thereon during the period of one week. Disposable polyethylene or paper bags designed to be used as containers for garbage or refuse may be used but only when used as a liner for any of such containers or with a holder of some other type. Filled bags shall be securely closed at the top with a substantial device to seal the bag. Metal tubs or disposable boxes may not be used as containers. Containers used for garbage may also be used at the same time for refuse, with no separation of materials being required.
   (b)   Such metal, rubber or plastic watertight containers shall have close-fitting lids, and for the purposes of collection, as provided in this chapter, shall each be provided with two handles on opposite sides thereof, and placed on the ground level of the premises at the curbside for the collector but not within the limits of a street or other public place. All garbage or refuse accumulated upon the householder's or commercial establishment's premises shall be placed in such containers and the lids kept firmly fixed in place.
   (c)   No person shall place garbage or rubbish, or containers containing garbage or rubbish at the curbside for pick-up more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up.
   (d)   No person shall leave empty containers used for the disposal of garbage and rubbish in the public right-of-way for a period more than 24 hours after scheduled pick-up.
(Ord. 4935, passed 6-3-1969; Am. Ord. O2007-26, passed 3-20-2007; Am. Ord. O2008-27, passed 4-1- 2008; Am. Ord. O2013-71, passed 12-17-2013)