The Chief of Police shall issue a parade permit when, after considering the application therefor and such other information as may otherwise be obtained, he finds that:
   (a)   The conduct of the parade will not substantially interrupt the safe and orderly movement of other traffic contiguous to its route or site.
   (b)   The concentration of persons, animals and vehicles at assembly points of the parade will not unduly interfere with proper fire and police protection of, or ambulance service to, areas contiguous to such assembly areas.
   (c)   The conduct of the parade will not interfere with the movement of fire-fighting equipment en route to a fire.
   (d)   The conduct of the parade is not reasonably likely to cause injury to persons or property, to provoke disorderly conduct or to create a disturbance.
   (e)   The parade is scheduled to move from its point of origin to its point of termination expeditiously and without any unreasonable delay en route.
(Ord. O80-98, passed 6-3-1980)