There is hereby created a City Council consisting of five (5) electors, residents of the City of Middletown, who shall be nominated and elected as provided in the Charter, and shall exercise all powers, authority and rights, legislative, executive and administrative, now vested in and exercised by the City of Middletown and its several officers. All powers, authority and rights vested in or granted to the City of Middletown, its prior legislative authorities and members thereof, shall, subject to the provisions of the Constitution of the State of Ohio and of this Charter, be vested in, possessed and exercised by said City Council and the several members thereof, or under their direction.  City Council shall be comprised of four (4) City Council members and the Mayor of the City of Middletown all of whom shall be elected “at large” (by all qualified electors of the City of Middletown).
(Amended 11-6-1990; 11-7-2000; 11-8-2005; 11-3-2009; 11-6-2018)