An application for a special use permit to construct a mobile home park shall contain, as a minimum, development plans and supplementary information as required by § 902, plus the following:
   (A)   A development plan showing the location and dimensions of streets and other roadways; lot or spaces intended for the placement of mobile homes, required buffer zones, recreation areas and open space, and the location and nature of all proposed land uses;
   (B)   Typical lot improvements to include lot dimensions, required yards, setbacks and location of mobile homes, off- or on-street parking;
   (C)   A plan or other description indicating all utilities and methods of sewage disposal and water supply;
   (D)   Proposals for garbage and trash removal, and outdoor storage;
   (E)   Evidence of compliance with all appropriate state laws and regulations, particularly those dealing with licensure of mobile home parks;
   (F)   Preliminary architectural plans of any proposed permanent buildings, such as community buildings, recreation halls or service buildings.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)