(A)   Only those uses permitted in the General Business (GB) Zoning District, and listed below, are permitted as a principal use of land in a large scale or small scale shopping center in the GB district.
      (1)   General merchandise retail activities, including department stores (storage areas not to exceed 30% of gross floor area);
      (2)   Supermarkets;
      (3)   Grocery stores, delicatessens, fish markets, fruit and vegetable markets, bakeries, dairy products stores;
      (4)   Lunchrooms or restaurants (no alcoholic beverages);
      (5)   Lunchrooms or restaurants (alcoholic beverages);
      (6)   Taverns, cafes, clubs, bars or cocktail lounges (alcoholic beverages);
      (7)   Packaged liquor stores;
      (8)   Laundries or dry cleaners, pick-up only (no plant), or self-service laundromats;
      (9)   Beauty or barber shops,
      (10)   Duplicating, printing or photocopying services;
      (11)   Miscellaneous repair shops and related services (non-vehicle);
      (12)   General professional offices;
      (13)   Bank or financial institutions;
      (14)   Motion picture theaters;
      (15)   Bowling alleys and billiard and pool parlors;
      (16)   Exercise center, gymnasium, sauna or court games; and
      (17)   Accessory uses customarily incidental to a use permitted in the district and located on the same lot as the principal use.
   Only those uses listed in § 603 as permitted in the Limited Business (LB) Zoning District are permitted as a principal use of land in a small scale shopping center in the LB district.
   (B)   To prevent the operation of a principal use not permitted under division (A) on land adjacent to a shopping center in such manner that it appears to be a part of the shopping center:
      (1)   All principal uses established on land adjacent to a shopping center, except uses specified in division (A), shall be separated by permanent barriers from direct access to the shopping center property and to any private road or right-of-way leading to said shopping center, with the exception of one defined access way, not more than 50 feet in width.
      (2)   No sign shall be displayed on either a shopping center property or on adjacent land, directing traffic between the shopping center and any principal use on the adjacent land that is not a permitted use or a use permitted in a shopping center by § 1804(A).
      (3)   Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, any land that was part of a shopping center, on or after September 17, 2001, may be used only for permitted uses in that district, (and not special uses), and those uses permitted in a shopping center pursuant to § 1804(A).
      (4)   Each of the requirements of this section is separate and independent and judicial invalidation of one or more of these requirements shall not invalidate the remainder.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)