(A)   The following structures, or parts of structures, when accessory to a permitted or special principal use may be permitted above the maximum height limitations set forth in § 603, provided they meet all other rear, side, and front lot requirements of this chapter: flagpoles, chimneys, radio masts, television antennas and water tanks.
   (B)   Structures other than those listed in height and yard modifications above, may exceed the height limitation provided in § 603, only upon the granting of a variance by the Zoning Board of Review.
   (C)   Structures permitted above the maximum height requirements by the Zoning Board of Review shall be set back from any lot line one additional foot by which the height of each structure exceeds the maximum height limit for the district.
   (D)   For the purpose of side yard regulations, duplex dwellings and townhouse dwellings with common party walls shall be considered as one  building occupying one lot: duplex dwellings and townhouse dwellings.
   (E)   For any property or structure located in a special flood hazard area, as shown on the official FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps, the maximum building height for a principal building set forth in Sections 603 and 604 of this Chapter, as applicable, shall be reduced by eight (8.0) feet.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06; Am. Ord. 2019-3, passed 2-19-19)