(A)   Within any zoning district designated by the letter "A" as shown on the official zoning map, all the applicable regulations of this chapter for the zoning district to which the letter "A" has been added shall apply, with the single exception of provisions for minimum lot width/frontage as provided in § 603.
   (B)   Lot width/frontage shall be as provided in § 701. For the purposes of this chapter, wherever a provision other than lot width/frontage is made herein which is applicable to a zoning district, it shall be construed to be applicable to any corresponding zoning district to which the letter "A" has been added. For example, all provisions of this chapter which are applicable to a Residential R-60 zone are also applicable to a Traffic Sensitive Residential R-60A zone (except minimum lot width/frontage).
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)