If the condition described in the notice prescribed by this chapter has not been remedied within ten days after service thereof or, in the event there is a hearing as provided in § 92.04, after notice to the property owner of the decision of the Council sustaining the order of the Building Official, the Town Administrator shall cause the condition to be remedied by the town at the expense of the owner of the property.  After causing the condition to be remedied, the Town Administrator shall certify to the Director of Finance the expense incurred in remedying the condition, together with a statement as to the condition of the property which necessitated incurring such expense, and a copy of the notice mentioned above with proof of service thereof and a copy of the decision of the hearing before the Council, if any.  All expenses incurred in remedying the condition shall be paid by the owner, occupant or person who caused or permitted such condition to exist and if the expense is not paid within a reasonable time, then the expense may be recovered in an action brought in the name of the town including placing a lien on the property for all expenses incurred by the municipality. Any expenses not paid within 30 days of notice served as set forth in § 92.03 shall be a lien against the property.  The lien shall be recorded in the records of land evidence of the town and shall bear legal interest from date of recording.  The costs incurred by the town plus the interest shall be added to the amount of taxes due on said real estate, if any. The Tax Collector shall have the same powers and shall be subject to the same duties with respect to this claim as in the case of the annual taxes upon said real estate, and the provisions of law relative to the collection of any annual taxes and the redemption of this sold and taken land shall apply to this claim.  Provided however that such action shall not be deemed to preclude the town from collecting said sums by other lawful means.
('73 Code, § 10-10)  (Ord. passed 2-17-69; Am. Ord. passed 4-2-86; Am. Ord. passed 9-2-03)  Penalty, see § 90.99