For the purposes of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   BULKY WASTE.  Solid waste larger than two feet by two feet by two feet or heavier than 75 pounds.  BULKY WASTE includes so-called "white goods," such as refrigerators, stoves, and other heavy appliances; sofas and chairs; mattresses and box springs; carpet no larger than four feet wide and 12 feet in length and rolled up; and building demolition materials generated by the resident.  Pieces of wood must be cut to four feet or less and tied into bundles weighing less than 50 pounds.  Doors to refrigerators and freezers must be removed.
   COMMERCIAL HAULERS.  Those haulers who do not provide daily residential pickup of waste or recyclables from residences in the town, but rather, only provide a commercial service to businesses in the form of dumpster service, roll-off type service or other similar services.
   HAZARDOUS WASTE.  Any waste defined in the state Hazardous Waste Management Act, R.I. Gen. Laws § 23-19.1-4, or in regulations adopted pursuant thereto, and as they may be amended.
   MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE.  Solid waste generated by the residents of Middletown in the course of their daily living, the disposal of which the Town Council has undertaken in the discharge of its duties to protect the health of the municipality.  MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE does not include solid waste generated by residents of a municipality in the course of their employment or that generated by any manufacturing or commercial enterprise.
   PAYT CONTRACTOR.  The waste removal company that is under contract with the town and is responsible for collecting and properly disposing of various kinds of waste and recyclable materials generated by residents in the PAYT program.
   RECYCLABLE MATERIALS.  All recyclables accepted by the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC), including paper and cardboard; glass and plastic bottles, jars and jugs; and tin, aluminum and scrap metal.  This definition incorporates by reference the complete list of residential recyclables published by RIRRC in brochures and on its website, www.rirrc.org.
   RESIDENT.  Any person, corporation or other business entity, church, nonprofit institution, or other organization or group residing or having a place of business or operation within the corporate limits of the town.
   WASTE. All trash, rubbish, garbage, offal and other refuse or discarded matter, including cigarette butts; provided, that WASTE shall not include recognized byproducts of any business or industry having commercial value and regularly handled in the ordinary course of business.
   YARD WASTE.  Leaves, grass clippings, vine cuttings, and tree trimmings not greater than two inches in diameter or four feet in length.
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