May 2, 2005
The following policy applies to all departments, boards and committees of the Town of Middletown.
1.   The Town Administrator and/or Town Council must authorize all applications for funding through any grant program.
2.   All grant applications that indicate that a town match of grant funds will be provided, whether through in-kind services or cash, must be presented to the Town Council for authorization.
3.   In order to provide time for review by the Town Council (if necessary), requests for authorization to submit a grant application must be provided to the Town Administrator at least three weeks (21 days) prior to the grant submission deadline if possible. In the event that an application deadline will not allow time for presentation to the Town Council, the Town Administrator may authorize grant submission.
4.   Prior to the submission of any grant application, a request for authorization must be provided to the Town Administrator. The following information must be provided as part of the request for authorization:
      •   Project description
      •   Total project cost
      •   Granting agency and amount of grant request
      •   Source of town match funds/services (if any)
      •   Identification of the project manager (responsible for: preparation of the RFP (if required), review of proposals, recommendation of contractor, contractor oversight, record keeping, grant reporting as required, preparation of reimbursement request for grant funds*)
5.   Following authorization and submission of the grant application a copy of the grant application must be provided to the Planning Department and the Finance Department. A copy of the application shall also be provided to the Town Council for information purposes.
6.   In addition to the grant application, following award notification, copies of the notification, and all reports and requests for reimbursement must be provided to the Planning Department and Finance Department.
7.   In the event that a grant award requiring town match is presented to the town, the Town Council must authorize acceptance of the grant.
8.   Upon award notification, the project manager is responsible for complying with all policies and procedures of the Finance Department regarding reporting and record keeping.
*Note: The Planning Department is available to assist with grant application preparation, reporting, and facilitating communication between the town and funding agencies. However, the project manager is the responsible party for these, and all other tasks related to the project.