From time to time, requests are received from individuals and organizations requesting memorials acknowledging individuals, groups or events on town property.
The Town of Middletown is committed to protecting the parks, recreational areas and open spaces of our community while providing opportunities for memorials that honor an individual, group or event.
   1.   Donors of memorials are asked to consider the primary uses of public open space in their request for a location or suitable site. While appropriate memorials may enrich an experience, public open space is also a very precious commodity. Possible memorials should be reviewed to balance these benefits.
   2.   The quality of timelessness should be considered in the significance of the individual, community or event being memorialized. Memorial proposals should represent the community and be mindful of future generations.
   3.   Memorial proposals honoring individuals or a personal event should be represented in a form that has a broader community interest.
   4.   It is recognized that a particular location may reach a saturation point and it would then be appropriate to consider limitations or a moratorium of future memorial installations at a particular location or area.
   5.   Maintenance concerns should be a primary consideration, with adequate provision made for continued future maintenance.
   6.   Unless otherwise agreed, the donors of the proposed memorial are required to pay for design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance endowment to ensure adequate quality of care for the memorial.
   7.   The Town of Middletown may consider contributing funds to a community monument only when the memorial is for a broad community purpose that marks an event that has broadly affected the community.
   8.   It is recommended that a waiting period of at least one year occur between the cause for and the request for a memorial.
   9.   This policy will serve as a guide to the town for memorials it may wish to place in parks or public areas within its jurisdiction and is subject to amendments and special exceptions as determined by the Town Council.
All memorials, however, should be judged for appropriateness according to the following criteria. These criteria are intended to serve as guidelines for the reviewing body.
   1.   The memorial represents and has been embraced and supported by the community.
   2.   The memorial has timeless qualities and makes a statement of significance to future generations.
   3.   The location under consideration is an appropriate setting for the memorial.
   4.   The location of the memorial will not interfere with existing and proposed circulation and use patterns.
   5.   The location of the memorial should be consistent with the Comprehensive Community Plan.
   6.   The memorial contributes to the setting from a functional or design standpoint.
   7.   The memorial should be designed by a qualified professional in the field.
Phase I, Initial Feasibility Consultation: Before proceeding with the subsequent steps of this process, applicants desiring a memorial should request and complete a Memorial Feasibility Application available from the Town Clerk. The completed application must be submitted to the Town Clerk who will forward it to the Citizens Memorial Committee for review and evaluation. The application will outline in sufficient detail the main purpose and concept of the proposal. The Citizens Memorial Committee will then schedule a feasibility consultation with the applicant and advise the submitter of the contents of this policy, the appropriateness of the proposed memorial in light of the policy, and the necessary courses of action required to complete the application. Requests for tree memorials will be forwarded to the Middletown Tree Commission for their review and approval. Provided the request meets their criteria including cost, installation and stewardship fees, tree memorials shall be accepted. The Citizens Memorial Committee will take other requests under advisement and make a recommendation to the Town Council. The Town Council will decide if the proposal meets the criteria of this policy and decide if the proposal should enter Phase II.
Phase II, Written Proposal: Once the initial feasibility of applicant’s proposed memorial has been approved, the applicant will be requested to submit a written proposal with as much information as possible including: contact name and address, construction and installation details, map identifying the proposed site, plaque and sign wording, sketches, artists renderings and/or models, maintenance plan and estimated costs as detailed below. The Town Clerk shall provide the proposal application. The completed proposal must be submitted to the Town Clerk for further distribution to the Citizens Memorial Committee. The Citizens Memorial Committee shall seek input from the Town Administrator, Town Planner, Department of Public Works Director, Parks and Recreation Director, Town Solicitor, Town Finance Director and the Open Space & Fields Committee in conducting its review. The Citizens Memorial Committee will provide a recommendation to the Town Council for its consideration.
Estimated Costs: The cost of design, fabrication, plaques, transportation, installation, site preparation work, foundation, lighting, electrical, permits, etc. must be financed by the requesting party including provisions for costs exceeding the original estimates. The memorial proposal shall include all-inclusive costs, including annual costs for maintenance and proposed funding source, and any exclusion shall be stated clearly in the proposal. Should the town contribute to the memorial all regulations required of the town will be in effect.
NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT                                                                                                                                                                                                
HONOREE - (Individual, Community, Event)                                                                                                                                                                                            
MAIN PURPOSE                                                                                                                                                                                            
PROPOSAL (General concept and location)                                                                                                                                                                                            
NAME OF APPLICANT                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
ADDRESS OF APPLICANT                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
CONTACT PERSON - NAME & ADDRESS (If different than #1 & 2)                                                                                                                                                      
HONOREE (Individual, Community, Event)                                                                                                                                                      
   a)   Map identifying proposed site
   b)   Sketches, renderings and/or models
   c)   Plaque and sign wording
   d)   Maintenance plan
   e)   Estimated costs of construction including cost of design, fabrication plaques, transportation, installation, site preparation work, foundation, lighting, electrical, permits, etc.
   f)   Estimated cost of annual maintenance
   g)   Funding sources