A.   When Due And Payable: All water base and volume fees become due and payable at the City on the twentieth day of each month. (Ord. 553, 3-18-2015)
   B.   When Delinquent: If water fees are not paid by the twentieth of the month, a late fee shall be assessed. If water fees are still not paid by the twenty sixth of the month, the right to water shall terminate and a delinquent fee shall be assessed and the City may suspend water service. The delinquent water fees shall be paid before service is resumed. An additional after hours fee will be assessed if water service is resumed outside of regular business hours. All payments must be received by eleven fifty nine o'clock (11:59) P.M. local time on the date due. Failure to pay water fees when due is an infraction, punishable pursuant to section 1-4-2 of this Code. (Ord. 598, 10-18-2017)
   C.   Lien Imposed: In addition to other civil and criminal remedies as provided by this chapter and/or allowed by law, failure to pay charges and additional penalties within the prescribed time lines shall result in the placement of a lien against and upon the property or premises against which such charge or fee is levied or assessed; and the City Clerk shall, at the time of certifying the City taxes, certify such delinquencies together with all penalties to the tax collector of Canyon County, and when so certified, the same shall be a lien upon the property and shall be recoverable, together with all costs as provided by law, for the foreclosure of liens. Unanimous consent of the council will be required before the city initiates foreclosure of real property. (Ord. 553, 3-18-2015)