(a)   Lot Area.  No minimum lot area is required.
   (b)   Lot Width.  No minimum lot width is required.
   (c)   Setbacks.  The distance between any building or structure and the greater right-of- way line of any public street shall be not greater than that of the most proximate building on the same side of the street.  No minimum side yard setback shall be required, unless the building or structure is located adjacent to any R District, in which case the setback shall be twenty (20) feet.
   (d)   Trailers/Mobile Homes.  Trailers and/or mobile homes of any size, age or type shall be prohibited in the Central Business District.
   (e)   Manufactured/Modular Buildings.  The use of manufactured and/or modular buildings in the Central Business District for business purposes shall be allowed provided the buildings maintain or enhance the property value of its neighbors.
   (f)   Property Maintenance.  No owner of a property or structure in the Central Business District shall by willful neglect, fail to provide sufficient and reasonable care, maintenance and upkeep to such property or structure. For the purposes of this section, maintenance and upkeep shall include keeping exterior surfaces free from debris, garbage, and noxious weeds or free from hazardous objects or conditions such as holes, broken concrete, broken glass and dead or dying trees or vegetation.
   (g)   Trash and Garbage Control.  All trash and garbage shall be stored in container systems which are located and enclosed so as to effectively screen them from view.
(Ord. 15-06.  Passed 11-27-06.)