(a)   Administrative and business offices, including:
      (1)   Insurance agents and brokers and associated services.
      (2)   Professional, legal, engineering and architectural services, not including the outside storage of equipment.
      (3)   Accounting, auditing and other bookkeeping services.
   (b)   Retail stores primarily engaged in selling merchandise for personal or household consumption.  Permitted retail stores shall not involve establishments where more than twenty percent (20%) of the inventory is displayed outside.  Permitted retail stores shall include:
      (1)   Food and food products, consisting of grocery, meat, fish, fruit or vegetable markets or combinations thereof.
      (2)   General merchandise, including limited price variety stores and other similar stores selling a variety of general merchandise.
      (3)   Similar retail stores selling specialty goods, including: drug stores, hardware and home repair goods, gift and novelty stores, etc.
   (c)   Personal Services, involving the care of the person and his/her personal effects, including consumer services generally involving the care and maintenance of tangible property or the provision of tangible services for personal consumption. Permitted establishments shall not display more than twenty percent (20%) of the inventory or conduct more than twenty percent (20%) of the operations during any time outside the principal structure.  Permitted personal service establishments shall include:
      (1)   Restaurants and taverns.   
      (2)   Banks, savings and loans and credit agencies.
      (3)   Barber and beauty shops.
      (4)   Self-service laundries and/or dry-cleaning establishments.
      (5)   Human medical and/or dental clinics.
      (6)   Funeral services.
   (d)   Business Services engaged in the providing of services to business establishments on a fee or contract basis, including consulting services, protective services, office equipment rental, lease or purchase, commercial research and development.
   (e)   Hotels and Bed-and-Breakfast establishments.
   (f)   Community facilities such as governmental offices, post office, libraries, museums, private schools and public parks.
   (g)   Off-street parking areas.
(Ord. 15-06.  Passed 11-27-06.)