"Home occupation" means an accessory use of a service character conducted within a dwelling by the residents thereof, which is clearly secondary to the use of the dwelling for living purposes and does not change the character thereof or have any exterior evidence of such secondary use other than a small name plate, maximum size six inches by twenty-four inches, and in connection therewith there is not involved the keeping of stock for trade. The office of a physician, surgeon, dentist or other professional person, including an instructor in violin, piano or other individual musical instrument limited to a single pupil at a time who offers skilled services to clients, and is not professionally engaged in the purchase or sale of goods, shall be deemed to be a home occupation; and the occupations of dressmaker, beauty operator, milliner and seamstress shall be deemed to be home occupations. Dancing instruction, band instrument instruction in groups, tourist homes, real estate offices, convalescent homes, mortuary establishments, and stores, trades or business of any kind not herein specified shall not be deemed to be home occupations.
(Ord. 871A.  Passed 12-13-65. )