(a)   The Zoning Inspector, or his/her designee, shall issue a new permit upon application, or grant the renewal of an existing permit, except as provided in divisions (b) and (c) of this section.
   (b)   The Zoning Inspector or his/her designee, shall deny any application for a new permit, or renewal of permit, if any of the following are shown to have occurred at the short-term rental property:
      (1)   The applicant makes a material misrepresentation of fact on the application for a short-term rental permit or, if requested, fails to submit documentation evidencing compliance with the rental host requirements outlined in Section 737.04;
      (2)   The applicant or any owner of the short-term rental has been convicted of violating Section 737.02(a);
      (3)   Any owner, applicant, operator, or manager of the short-term rental is shown to have been convicted of the act of prostitution or soliciting for prostitution, or an act that would constitute a violation of the Ohio R.C. Chapters 2925 (Drug Ofenses) or 3719 (Controlled Substances), in or on the premises of the dwelling of the short-term rental in question, or any short-term rental in which the owner has any interest in, including, but not limited to, ownership, licensure, or management;
      (4)   The property taxes of the short-term rental host are in arrears with the Geauga County Auditor;
      (5)   The short-term rental host and/or owner is in arrears in payment of taxes or assessments due and owing to the Village of Middlefield;
      (6)   The short-term rental has a documented history of repeated conduct that endangers neighborhood safety or of conditions interfering with the use and enjoyment of property within its vicinity (as such conditions are defined below in Section 737.06); or of conduct in violation of Section 737.08;
   (c)   Evidence of conduct under division (b) of this section need only be that of de facto violation of law, evidence of conviction is not a prerequisite for denial unless specifically indicated. (Ord. 23-120. Passed 6-8-23.)