(a)   Short-term Rental Host Requirements. A short-term rental host shall be the owner and the permanent occupant of the dwelling. The short-term rental host must provide: one (1) form of proof of identity, and two (2) pieces of evidence that the dwelling is the host's primary residence or two (2) pieces of evidence that the host is the owner of the dwelling.
      (1)   A short-term rental host shall meet the definitional requirements set forth in Section 737.01(k).
      (2)   The short-term rental host must provide written notice to the short-term rental guest of:
         The trash and recycling collection days for the dwelling and any applicable rules and regulations pertaining to leaving or storing trash on the exterior of the dwelling. The short-term rental host shall provide proper trash and recycling containers for the short-term rental guest(s).
        (3)   Occupancy shall be limited to two (2) individuals per bedroom, plus three (3) additional occupants within the dwelling unit. For example, in a short-term rental with two (2) bedrooms, the maximum number of occupants would be seven (7);
      (4)   Maximum number of motor vehicles that will be permitted to park at the short-term rental: the maximum number of motor vehicles that are permitted to be parked at any short-term rental shall not exceed the number that can be garaged on-premises plus two (2) that may park in the attached driveway;
      (5)   Compliance with all other applicable provisions of the Village of Middlefield Codified Ordinances relating to residential housing;
   (b)   Nothing in this Chapter shall be construed as permitting any person to obtain a permit or offer a short-term rental, where prohibited by any other provision of law.
(Ord. 23-120. Passed 6-8-23.)