The regulation of maximum structure height prescribed in the schedule accompanying Section 1155.01 shall also apply to church spires, belfries, monuments, tanks, water and fire towers, stage towers or scenery loft, cooling towers, ornamental towers and spires, chimneys, silos, elevator bulkheads, smokestacks, conveyors, flagpoles and similar structures. Heights beyond the permitted maximums will be considered on a case by case variance basis by the Planning Commission subject to the following:  (Ord. 13-150.  Passed 1-9-14.)
   (a)    The structure must comply with the height restrictions imposed by the Geauga County Airport Zoning Regulations.
   (b)    The yard area of the structure must have a minimum radius equal to the height of the structure.
   (c)    The structure must be located in a position on the site that would allow it to fall in any direction entirely within the bounds of the site.