Ord. No.    Date       Description
237       9-6-50       Land 100 feet wide, lying east of Vlchek Drive and south of lands owned by Johnson Rubber Co.
81-136    2-1-82       Lease of land from Middlefield Fire Department.
83-106    3-7-83       Lease with the Senior Club of Middlefield, Inc. for portions of the old Village Hall.
83-129    11-7-83    Lease with the Middlefield Historical Society for property situated at 14979 South State Avenue.
84-104    3-5-84       Amends lease between Village and Middlefield Fire Department for land adjoining the Fire Department.
Res.86-03    4-21-86    Authorizes lease agreement with Cardinal Board of Education for the use of school property by the Joint Recreation Board.
91-107    2-9-91       Authorizes lease agreement with the City of Akron allowing the Village use of Well Premises north of the Village.
11-103      2-3-11      Authorizes renewal of a “Lease and Easement” between the Village and the City of Akron.