Ord. No.   Date      Description
51      2-5-40      Disposal of land southern boundary of Village parking lot.
320      10-5-59   Acquisition of certain lands of Max Gooding at 44 S. Chestnut St., Jefferson, Ohio, dated August 4, 1959 and being parts of lands of M. Gooding Vol. 247 Pg. 387 Geauga County Record of Deeds.
341      4-3-61      Authorizes sale of land being on easterly extension from the east end of Valplast Rd. to the southerly line of Valplast Rd.
347      9-5-61      Acquisition of 19.543 acres from Nevin V. Byler and Iva J. Byler.
380      11-11-63   Disposal of land to Johnson Rubber Co. located in a part of land in Lot No. 32 in Middlefield Village recorded in Vol. 88 pg. 492 of Geauga County Record of Deeds for the sum of $7,000.
391      4-13-64   Disposal of land to the Johnson Rubber Company located in Village of Middlefield starting at an iron pipe in Lot No. 29, 4 ft. from northwest leg of the water tower, east 38 ft., south 38 ft., thence west 38 ft. and thence north to the place of beginning for one dollar.
81-137      12-30-81   Purchase of property from Home Telephone Co. for $20,000.
83-116      6-6-83      Approves purchase of Century Inn property.
84-03   4-16-84   Accepts deed for property from Geauga Industries Co., Inc., for the location of an elevated water tank.
84-118      7-9-84      Accepts deed to certain property for construction of a water tank.
85-131      10-21-85   Purchase of the Schwendeman property.
91-129      6-3-91      Authorizes an exchange of property with H & H Hardware, Inc.
90-16   10-15-90   Authorizes an exchange of property with Western Reserve Food Coop.
93-113      4-7-94      Transfers to Middlefield Township any title which the Village may have obtained in the Middlefield Town Hall by operation of law as a result of the detachment.
97-12      6-25-97   Authorizes the acquisition of land from the R.A. Moss Trust for the construction of a cul-de-sac.
97-140      10-2-97   Authorizes the purchase of land from Middlefield Parkway Limited Partnership for public park and recreation purposes for $100,000.
97-27      12-31-97   Authorizes the sale of a portion of the former B. & O. Railroad right of way to the Geauga County Park District for $100,000.
98-112      5-21-98   Authorizes the purchase of real property from Leeroy and Saloma Miller.
Ord. No.   Date      Description
98-155      12-3-98   Authorizes the purchase of 15954 East High St. from Michael Policastro.
00-05      3-16-00   Purchase of 1.33 acres of vacant land located immediately adjacent to the Village Cemetery for $30,000.
01-10      5-17-01   Purchase of property from James and Nancy Thomas.
03-25      8-7-03      Authorizes the purchase of 23.25 acres of vacant land from CSX Transportation, Inc. for $25,000.
03-32      10-16-03   Authorizes a purchase agreement with the Cardinal Board of Education for the purchase of 9.537 acres for $190,740.
06-134      7-6-06      Authorizes the purchase of 0.249 acres from Oak Development Co. for the Waste Water Treatment Park expansion.
06-135      7-6-06      Authorizes the purchase of 7.16 acres from Robert Luce and Rebecca Hoyt for the Waste Water Treatment Plant expansion.
07-16      5-3-07      Authorizes the Village Administrator to enter into a real estate purchase agreement with Bak Development Company, for the acquisition of four parcels of real estate totaling 3.5903 acres and located adjacent to Eagle Park, at an aggregate cost of $67,500.00.
11-110      4-7-11      Authorizes the sale of 16112 East High St. to Donald Jay Purpura.
17-123      7-13-17   Granting final approval of the plat for Woodsong PUD, Phase 8.